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This is an advanced option to run an e-shop. Magento is known as the most powerful and famous e-commerce solution from providing B2B wholesale and supply chain, as well as B2C Retail. The system allows single admin panel to manage multiple stores in different regions and multiple sites under different domain name.

E-Commerce Consultation & Solution

E-commerce help expanding your business without borders. Successful online business is more than just uploading products to the website.


Integrate with Payment Gateway

Capture Payment is always an important part of an online shop. Our solution can integrate with payment gateway such as PayPal and Stripe that capture payments from credit cards and Apple Pay.


UI & UX Design

We care about User Experience for both Business Internal and Customer focused Application.  Usability for Business can increase staff adoption as well as boost performance.

Usability for Customer can increase conversion and sales rate.

In UX Stage, we will work on flowchart, wireframe and interactive prototype to present how  the Application will be used and navigated.

User interface is the the medium to communicate with users. It first and continuous impression to the User.  Graphic style look and feel are also important.

In UI Stage, we will apply graphic style that present the Business to the prototype. Final Layouts and Style  Guideline will be designed and provided.

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