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Playstation HK

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SAB Miller



Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

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Mobile App Benefit

It is a mobile loyalty app for Classified, a western restaurant with 10 venues in Hong Kong. This app allows user to collect stamps to redeem coupons, and stamps can be collected from each purchase, or through social network campaign., these increase returning customers and social appearance. Beside the loyalty features, there are reservation service, buy online and delivery server, and display menu in an amazing photo driven menu.

  • 60% of participants have successfully made an appointment on chatbot before showing up to the booth

  • Booking chatbot has shortened long queue lines and reduced the average waiting time by 70% (around 20 minutes)

Power By Sanuker

SAB Miller is an international brewery company, which owns a large range of beer brands. This app and website involve SABMiller products, venue and user. Users can search venues by location on the map, or by SABMiller's products to find the venue. And Venus can publish their details, promotion, which SABMiller's drinks they serve, and upcoming events.

It helps the user to find the right place and desired drink, and helps venues to get more customers.

  • Mobile Application Functions

  • TWGHs Articles

  • Fund-raising & Donations

  • News and Activities

  • Online Donation

  • Member Registration




  • Octopus customer service team adopted WhatsApp Business API to build a FAQ chatbot on WhatsApp. The chatbot is able to provide an immediate response to customers and to cater any basic questions before escalating to live chat, alleviating the workload on their human agent.

Power By Sanuker

Lexus Hong Kong



  • Captured 2 times more sales leads than current method

  • More than 88% of quiz completion rate

  • Collect significant amount of data on NX color preference and driving behaviour which helps the brand’s future remarketing

Power By Sanuker

Penny Price HK



The eCommerce website is built under Drupal. Support promotion banner,  blogging. Admin can manage product categories, product details, prices, schedule  discount price and period. Customers can checkout through online payment.

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