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About Us

THINTEC SOLUTION was founded in 2014, and officially established in 2016. Our mother company Zet dates back to 2000.  We provide a wide range of automation solutions that could maximize the needs of your environment across all business units.  We specialize in RPA, Chatbot & integration with others systems. 

We thought technology nowadays is not a matter!  What matters is how the solution is implemented and how it’s used.  It is all about how we could help in process automation, save time, save resources for our clients.  We are a people company and we believe with people, we could deliver meaningful solutions to our customers.

Our Solutions Consultants and technology specialists help organisations get the best from their information technology investment – from short consultancy assignments though to major systems integration, box products or development projects.


Mission and Vision

We provide the fastest and accurate consultancy service for our clients to experience the best process automation ideas shared by our Solution Consultant. THINTEC is a people company which believes people could use technology to create a better working environment.

Our specialist in Robotic Process Automation & Chatbots know-how could streamline the end user requirements to the most valuable solutions.  We aim to save cost, resources & time from the solutions that are provided by our Solutions Consultant.  Companies nowadays are paying so much resources to maintain a repetitive daily work force and tasks.  The end users also spend so much time on their job duties without innovation.  By using the solutions provided by us.  We believe it can reduce the workload for the end user of your company, in exchange for more resources saved, more innovative creation and it brings you a healthy environment to your business and your workers.

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